Stainless Steel snowflake multi-tool


✽【Multi-Tool】:The latest upgrade version of the 19 in 1 snowflake multitool. Snowflake tool has 19 incredible tools. The 19-in-1 stainless steel snowflakes multi-tool is the first choice for military enthusiasts and outdoor EDC tools.

✽【Small and Portables】:Snowflake multi tool is only 2.3 ounces and just over 2″ long. Snowflake tool is so easy to carry and easy to use. You can hang incredible tool on your key or backpack or in your pocket.

✽【Unique Design】: Snowflake multi tool features a stylish and unique snowflake design with trendy metallic finish. The incredible tool can be as a gift or a hanging drop for family and friends.

✽【Well-Made】: 19-in-1 Snowflake multi tool is made of high-quality stainless steel, exquisite workmanship, durable and never rusts. You can use snowflake tool to open the beer bottle, turn the screw, fix snowboarding, bicycle, open carton box, outdoor sports, camping, adventure, rescue and so on.

✽【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】:We believe that the high-quality snowflake multi tool will make you very satisfied. If you are not 100% satisfied with Stainless Steel snowflake multitool we will make it up to you with an instant full refund. We care about the satisfaction of every customer who buys the snowflake tool.

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19-in-1 stainless steel snowflake multi tool is a multi-tool, Small and Portables, Well-made and unique design high quality environmentally friendly product. 


✿VERSATILE: Snowflake tool has 19 incredible tools. Snowflake multi tool can meet your needs for different tools.

✿UNIQUE : The unique snowflake design is very beautiful. Snowflake multi tool has allowed us to creatively use nature’s perfect shape to combine functionality and design in our compact multi-tool. Snowflakes multi-tool is the best birthday and Valentine’s Day gift for your man.

✿PORTABLE : Snowflake multi-tool is made from stainless steel, Snowflake tool is exquisite workmanship, compact and portable, rounded and durable, uneasy to break, along with a long lifespan.

✿MULTI-USE : Snowflake multi tool can be hung on a keychain or backpack or in a pocket. You can also use snowflake tool to open the beer bottle, turn the screw, fix snowboarding and bicycle, open carton box, outdoor sports, camping, boarding, adventure, rescue, and everything that might be used.


Materia : High Quality Stainless Steel

Quantity: 1 Pack Snowflake Multi Tool

Color : Silver Snowflake Multi Tool

Size :  2.3*2.3in

Weight : 60g

Theme:19-In-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool, Can be used with:

flat head screwdrivers , #3 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers, 0.15”, 0.2” and 0.23” Allen wrenches, box cutters, bottle openers, keyholes, 1/4 inch End Wrench, 7/16 inch End Wrench, 0.2”, 0.23”, 0.27”, 0.13”, 0.4”, 0.47”, 0.51”and 0.55” wrenches.

Package Included: 

✿1x Stainless Steel Snowflake Multi-tool

✿1x Key Ring

✿1x Aluminum Carabiner

✿1x Silver Short Bead Chain

Money Back Guarantee:

If for any reason you don’t love your snowflake multitool, we’ll give you a full refund. we commit to providing best service and product.